Terminal extraction tools for any plug connection and any secondary locking mechanism

When working on wiring systems, it is of critical importance to use the proper know-how and right tools to guarantee correctly functioning, fault-free connections as quickly as possible. The use of state-of-the-art production methods, premium quality components and precise tools are key factors here.

Solutions for any contact system used in the wiring system or wire harness

Our product spectrum encompasses application-oriented extraction tools for any plug connection and any secondary locking mechanism. Extraction tools used for blade-type or round plug connections, and also for insertion aids. The type and size of the electric plug terminals dictate the extraction tool type to be used. An insertion aid guarantees the reliable installation of crimped cables in the housing chambers provided. Depending on the type and diameter of the cable, accidental kinking is prevented.

Production and Development

We regard ourselves as a high-tech company for the manufacture of sophisticated extraction tools.

At our manufacturing facility, we work continuously on the implementation and further improvement of our main objectives: customer satisfaction and efficiency. Our efforts are supported by a comprehensive quality management system.

With over 35 years of experience, we serve a broad application spectrum, with the automotive sector as our core business area. All our tools comply with the highest requirements in terms of quality, look & feel, and of course functionality. We work closely with our clients and emphasise the importance of intensive and open dialogue – the only proven method for the creation of truly exciting solutions.

We will continue to work on the further expansion and reinforcement of our know-how in future.

Mibostahl and

mibostahl, head-quartered in Hagen, German, has been implementing SolidWorks by WorksLine since 2008 and was able to successfully change over to Siemens products using WorksLine. In terms of the development and manufacture of extraction tools and electric plug connections, mibostahl has become a global market player.

We implement solutions provided by our long-term system partner WorksLine GmbH for the efficient design, planning, and production of our product range. In addition to their CAD system, we also use the PDM system DBWorks and the enterprise resource planning system MIO by WorksLine.

This all-in approach has allowed us not only to reduce order processing times by up to 25%, but has also enabled us to document the entire order process from start to finish. We decided against blindly following the development of Dassault SolidWorks to V6, and opted instead for a trial of the alternative solution SolidEdge. With the extensive support provided by WorksLine, the migration from SolidWorks to SolidEdge has progressed smoothly. The whole experience has proven to us that we not only need good systems, but also good partners to protect our investment. Siemens products are reliable and offer at least the same scope of functions as SolidWorks.

Many thanks to our partner WorksLine