Butt and crimp connectors

Heat-shrink crimp connector which allows a reliable electric connection specially for the automotive sector. The heat-melting inner coating provides an absolute seal as well as mechanical strain relief. Resistant to all liquids to be found in the automotive sector.

Order designationWire cross-sectionColour code
mibo-crimpseal 907150010.1–0.5 mm² | AWG 28-22transparent
mibo-crimpseal 907130010.5–1.5 mm² | AWG 18–16red
mibo-crimpseal 907130021.5–2.5 mm² | AWG 14blue
mibo-crimpseal 907130034.0–6.0 mm² | AWG 10yellow

Data sheets


mibo-crimpseal Ø 0.1–0.5 mm²
mibo-crimpseal Ø 0.5–6.0 mm²