Solder connectors

  • Heat-shrink solder sleeves with internal solder ring and thermoplastic sealing rings

The heat-shrink solder connector guarantees a reliable, insulated electrical connection in one operation. Thanks to its transparent heat-shrink insulation, the solder joint can be inspected at any time. The solder connector is particularly suitable for shielded or terminal connections.

Order designationWire cross-sectionColour code
mibo-solderseal 9071341Length (mm) 26 | ID (mm) 18-16min. 0.4 | max. 1.7transparent
mibo-solderseal 9071342Length (mm) 42 | ID (mm) 14min. 1.3 | max. 2.7red
mibo-solderseal 9071343Length (mm) 42 | ID (mm) 10min. 1.8 | max. 4.5blue
mibo-solderseal 9071344Length (mm) 42 | ID (mm) 5.26min. 2.8 | max. 6.0yellow

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